This unique application idea has changed the world, must be read for the wantrepreneurs

Introduction ( A Case Study on WhatsApp)

Because the application market developed unlike before. There are thousands of applications that appear occasionally. There are several applications that have made a niche for themselves. Of so many cellular applications out there, this post describes one application that is really slot gacor maxwin worth seeing. An application that takes less than a decade to win the hearts of its users. Of course, that can inspire a Wannapreneur.

Only one mobile application idea, and changes the entire messaging landscape! Who thinks that a simple message application will win over all other applications. This fully revolutionized how to chat, connect and disseminate information? No wonder other messaging applications also bring drastic daftar slot gacor changes, but the Whatsapp launch must be surprising. Immediately after the launch, WhatsApp won over a variety of giants like Facebook Messenger, Line, Wechat, Viber and others.


Launched on May 3, 2009, it was only a decade long. We can all see where it reaches today. Now acquired with Meta, this application is the most preferred messenger application in the world. With more than 1.5 billion active users every month throughout the world, Whatsapp today is undoubtedly creating a success story that the whole world is looking at. In the history of the application, WhatsApp bola parlay has set a good example of how small technology startups turned into widespread adoption applications & change the way of sending messages.


Throwing light on its origin, the Messenger application begins with Brian Acton and Jan Koum, who started their career with Yahoo. It was back in 2009 when they left work. Koum bought an iPhone that took the awareness that slot the industry would soon revolve around the mobile judi roulette online casino application. He immediately began exploring the feasibility of making applications that could foster communication between friends, family, and other business contacts. Without further delays, he partnered with Brian. He convinced five associations from Yahoo! To fund applications with $ 250,000. They finally launched WhatsApp.

However, the application of the application was not as smooth as possible. Initially, Whatsapp also had to face a lot of trouble. Like other cellular applications, Whatsapp also faces various crashes and failures. When the owner is very sparkling that they decide to turn it off. But, Acton motivates Koum not to lose hope and continue to work on the application. Every time the application experiences situs bola resmi setbacks. Finally, both of them managed to finally get the error-free application and see it brought great success. In February 2013, the application was acquired by Facebook for $ 19 billion. This marks itself the fourth-largest application acquisition!

With only 50 staff employees, which will definitely surprise anyone. WhatsApp has prepared itself as a safe and user-friendly mobile application, which is liked by millions of people around the world. Even in countries where security is a major concern, ending the final encryption. WhatsApp is widely used as a safe application. Covering 109 countries around the world, this application is mainly used in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and South Asia.

How the App constantly involved itself with interesting feature updates?

Whatsapp success is not excessive, through those years continues to evolve alone and launch several features that have led the application to maintain its popularity. Only a year after its launch, in June 2010, whatsApp launched the biggest feature “sharing location”, which allows users to share locations with their contacts. Likewise in 2011, this application launched another interesting feature of “Chat Groups”, where any group members can join conversations slot bonus 100 di depan and share messages with other group members. In the same year, the application reached a record of 1 billion messages a day!

In 2013, whatsapp returned with interesting features of “voicemail”, which allows users to send and receive voice messages easily through the application. With this feature, right after one year, WhatsApp again marks a new record reaching 500 million users. 2014 marks itself as a very important year for WhatsApp because the application comes with several features and major changes. Read the receipt with a blue check, double check for sending messages, deactivation features to hide blue & last visible lice, show contacts that slot online have seen your status, are some interesting features that appear. In the same year, the company sold out to Facebook.

Again in 2015, WhatsApp comes with web support facilities that allow users to use WhatsApp on their desktop, followed by a desktop application. 2016 see the application launched the video call feature and for security purposes, it also turned on end to end encryption. New 2018 & 2019, applications called for many other interesting features such as stickers, group calls, whatsapp business, group calls, payment upi, and more.

Get a Success Story Written on your App too!

As a Wannapreneur, the story WhatsApp must inspire you to build your own application and create a successful road for yourself. Not only whatsapp but there are several applications such as other Whatsapp. They have done very well and have brought great success through their application. If you also think that you are born to leave the sign in this world by creating something unique, you are just an idea. After you have a brilliant idea, do it. Don’t let anything make you fall. One day you might have a success story written in your application too!