Is an online payment platform safe?

One of the biggest problems faced by people when shopping on the internet is a security problem for their credit card details.

According to the investigation conducted by Kaspersky Labs and B2B International. Half of the Internet customers still believe they are at risk when they make online payment transactions.

42 per cent of respondents said they would do more purchases if they knew they were not proven, hackers. 37 per cent of them have left their shopping carts on the internet because they are not sure that they are safe with the payment process.

What are Online Payment Systems?

The first thing to note is that the online payment system is only one aspect of a larger animal. This is called electronic data interchange (EDI).

They are the most interesting (legitimate and forbidden) people because they manage data related to funding transfers. In the past, Edi exclusively used to transfer business-to-business funds (B2B), with the increasingly popular online shopping and revival of online shopping, millions of businesses for customers (B2C) edi transactions occur every day. In fact, 90% (90 per cent) of B2C operations in North America took place online, the most popular methods were through credit cards.


Offline and online retailers will not be able to survive today without a debit card and credit as an alternative payment. Card issuers, especially Visa and MasterCard require retailers to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards such as a safe terminal for purchases in stores, and online traders are required to comply with strict security protocols and certificate protocols. In most cases, they must follow the authentication procedure of two factors that require traders to enter code and passwords to avoid unauthorized access by third parties.

online payment

Other payment options consist of smart cards such as NetSpend Skylight Debit (which is similar to debit cards but specifically for online purchases) along with payment processing gateways such as PayPal, Cash Application and Google Wallet, which can be used by money holders to transfer money regularly Bank to buy online goods.

To make cellular payments, some online shopping software programs allow you to pay easily send text messages. One thing they all share is that they need a kind of security symbol. Most likely, you will recognize some of them: Verisign, PayPal verified, verified by Visa, SSL, and MasterCard Securecode. Customers feel safe knowing that they are in front of. But do they feel quite safe?

What is it that makes internet online payment secure?

Although it is almost impossible to stop the possibility of full fraud, you can take various methods to protect your information and maintain the theft of your data.

Find out the most important things to consider to ensure that payment processing on your site is safe.

Find out what you should consider when choosing a payment processor for your online business, with respect to security.

1. SSL is a secure method of connecting

The SSL protocol secures the transaction. Use AIDS SSL in information encryption and ensure that your card information, and other sensitive information, are secured.
Not only increasing the security of online payments can also make customers more likely to buy.

What can you do to ensure that the website is safe through SSL? SSL protocol?

The first is that you will see the icon for the lock in the address bar. The second is that the address starts with HTTPS.

Check whether the provider you choose to use supports the SSL protocol and also monitor validity.

2. PCI certificate

When you make a payment through the website that you operate, PCI is an absolute requirement. PCI is a must. Payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) provide guidance to traders on what they have to do.

Although it may sound complex the retailer does not have to manage the entire process of its own compliance.

The most efficient method is to choose the most suitable payment provider that meets industry security standards.

Security is our main problem, SecurionPay has been certified as the most sophisticated PCI Level 1 PCI service provider that meets strict standards.

3. Tokenization

Tokenization replaces sensitive information with a number of random characters that reduce the possibility of data violations. One of the best security strategies is to use a token to represent the original payment card number.

The central server secures this transmission. In parallel, the trader system is given a unique number, known as a token.

You can use this data as a replacement token on the card, eg, with a one-click transaction for future transactions by the customer.

Choosing a payment processor that supports tokenization can greatly reduce the possibility of fraud on payment. This means you don’t need to keep credit card details or customer discharge on your server.

Next, the cardholder data doesn’t even reach your server. In addition, they are encrypted before being stored on the database server.

A safe payment processor has the infrastructure to store and decrypt card numbers in an independent hosting environment.

4. 3D Secure authentication

3D Secure (Three Domain Secure) is a protocol for messages that connect three domains: Bank technology, technology that processes transactions, and banks that issue transactions.

This is another security layer that helps prevent fraud for transactions that are not cards – no.

This involves greater risk.

To make long shorter stories – when buyers online are looking to buy something, they must verify the transaction.

You can confirm this with the use of passwords or pins once by their bank via SMS.

5. Anti-fraud instruments

All transactions are scrutinized (both manually or automatically) and monitored by fraud tools to prevent fraud which means it is easier to detect and identify every fraudulent activity suspected.

Traders must realize that only one tool is not enough to protect their business. They need a multi-level approach that offers more security.

Because security for online payment is a complicated subject, be sure to work with a reliable payment processor to support you.

Good customer service, which is available anytime, is very important for the success of your business.

What else do you need to Be able to Know

For sellers, it comes down to streamlining shopping procedures to receive your customer’s money as soon as possible. This requires the ability to pay online. Most online payment systems require shopping cart applications that can handle orders, collect customer data and calculate shipping and taxes, and then summarize transactions to customers before making the final payment. Shopping basket software may be a third party program and/or part of the corporate package provided by online payment service providers.

There are points that creating internet-based online payment methods for small-sized businesses is quite difficult to benefit from. However, this is no longer the problem. A number of e-commerce sites, such as Salehoo, offer full services, starting with the creation of web stores, by configuring online shopping baskets to open accounts with traders.

Security Badges and Helping Your Users Feel Secure

If your customer feels safe when exploring your website clearly display your security certification on your website. More than 60% of participants in the survey were conducted with insights that actually have pointed to the lack of trust badges as the main reason they do not want to shop in the cart.


Because of that, is it safe to pay on the internet?

Although of course there are ongoing problems with security on the internet, cybercriminals continue to look for backdoors to secure the saved data.

There is a risk, and it is important to be combined to make yourself updated with the latest information and continue to read guidelines on Payment and Personal Finance platforms, however, featuring Badges of self-confidence, and working together with reliable third party payment services can help your customers in dealing with anxiety they.

What are the strategies that you use to facilitate security concerns? Please share your ideas through the comments section.